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Ski Experience - Sunlight Mountain

Just off I-70 is a fantastic Colorado ski vacation destination, Sunlight Mountain. Unfortunately, some are too focused on the Aspen area and drive right past this magnificent northern gateway to the Roaring Fork area. Placed as it is, the town enjoys all the benefits of being in the heart of the Colorado Rockies.

Ski Levels

Perhaps some drive past Sunlight Mountain because they feel the skiing will be better elsewhere. Maybe they feel the more expert trails are found off of the Interstate, but that's simply not the case. Sunlight Mountain has trails for all levels of skiers, from novice to expert, and it can boast one of the steepest slopes in the state. The Heathen run has a 52 degree pitch and Ute Trail is 2.5 miles long. Of course the ski patrol are all professionals of the highest caliber. The ski instruction is equally top-notch, with seasoned pros who can get the beginner started or give expert skiers a tip or two. The diversity of the available trails is just one of the many reasons Sunlight makes for a great family vacation spot.

Après Ski

While it is a great family destination, that doesn't mean it lacks nightlife. The live music scene is decidedly hopping. Sunlight Mountain Resort offers some of the the best local music après ski. Acoustic solo artists and duets perform at the Last Turn Lounge on Friday afternoons. Full bands perform at Sunlight Inn every Saturday afternoon and admission to these performances is always free. In town, you'll find many dining and entertainment choices. From fast food to fine dining and from mellow scence to the clubs, pubs, and restaurants.

You can expect it to be cold throughout the season. Multiple thin layers do best, so long as you have a breathable, waterproof powder jacket. Ankle and neck gators are usually preferred for powder and you may find you're more comfortable with a face mask, especially up on the mountain. Decent gloves are essential anywhere in the Rockies. While you can feel warm in the sun, remember to guard against exposure, and don't push yourself beyond your known abilities. A little more time edging into more difficult trails is advised. Overall, sensible clothing and equipment will ensure that you stay warm, safe, and dry while having an awesome time on the slopes.

There may be some resorts and mountains better known or more celebrated, but skiing in the area will set the stage for a truly memorable and affordable Colorado ski vacation.