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Ski Experience - Wolf Creek

East of Durango is a rugged and unusually high alpine ski resort, known as Wolf Creek. Located between Pagosa Springs and South Fork, this ski area has been a pleasure, as well as a challenge and inspiration, for skiers for a very long time.

Ski Levels

Most residents of Colorado are familiar with Wolf Creek Pass. That's because there is a lot of snow here—465 inches a year, on average. That alone makes it a rare treat, but when you add that the base is at 10,300 feet and the summit mounts to 11,900 feet, you're in for a kind of skiing seldom seen anywhere else in North America. There are runs for all levels of skiers, from beginner on through intermediate and expert. It is a family resort and even has classes just for children. The higher elevation changes things a lot, though, so it's advised to take all trails slower and with caution until you know them for yourself. Ski Patrol is the best of the best here. They are there for everyone's safety and trained to deal with medical emergencies, should they arise. Paid professionals, they and the ski instruction staff are a vital part of this invigorating alpine experience.

Après Ski

While there are three restaurants and a bar on the mountain for food and beverages during the day, lodgings and the après ski are in Pagosa Springs and South Fork. You can expect to find the usual fast food and commercial chains, but the charm of this exceptional ski resort isn't diminished by their presence. Places like Club Coyote, the Sidekick Lounge, and the Wild Horse Saloon set the mood by their names alone, and give you an idea of what the nightlife is like. If partying is a bit lower on your priority list, perhaps you'll enjoy a soak in one of the hot mineral spring/spas. Pagosa Springs just happens to be home to the world's largest and deepest hot mineral spring.

High Alpine skiing requires special precautions. The higher elevation means that you're getting less oxygen, the sun's UV rays are more potent, and the air can be much colder. Wolf Creek just about qualifies as a national treasure. Ski the exceptional Wolf Creek this winter and you'll be back again and again, for years to come.