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Ski Experience - Telluride

The very name "Telluride" makes one think of skiing. This vast and famous ski resort is located along and between two peaks, with a front-side bowl. The village is serviced by commercial airline commuter flights (the second highest commercial airport in the world) making it easy to access.

Ski Levels

Once you arrive in Telluride village, the vision of Palmyra Peak, glistens like a magnificent ornament atop the mountain. At 13,320 feet, Prospect Bowl can be skid/ridden from the top of the lift at a staggering 12,255 feet. This isn't to say it's only for experts, as the mountain (which really consists of two ridgelines with a bowl and valley between them) has terrain, trails, and runs for every level of skier. The ski patrol and ski instructors, all top-notch and paid professionals, see to everyone's safety and education. No matter what level of experience you have, these guys and gals can give you tips and pointers that will improve your skiing and riding.

Après Ski

This area is very well known for its music festivals and live music scene. There are live venues, taverns and pubs that serve grub, and clubs for all night long dancing. The New Sheridan Opera House has a 240-seat theatre for live music, as well as a dance floor, conference center, and movie theater. The New Sheridan Bar and Last Dollar Saloon—a pair of local favorites—are great spots for darts or pool. Brown Dog Pizza is a sports bar, complete with 15 screens and slices til midnight. O'Bannon's Irish Pub is another late-night hotspot.

Anywhere in the Rockies is going to be cold weather in the winter, but when the base is at 9,500 feet, it's time to be certain you have the right clothes and gear for the occasion. Light layers and breathable waterproof powder coats are the rule, but at that altitude a mask and gators are almost essential. You'll want to be careful in observing trail markers, since Black Diamond trails exist and beginning and intermediate trails can be found even at higher altitudes. Pay attention to these and you're going to find Telluride is your new favorite ski vacation destination and home away from home!