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Ski Experience - Vail

Find the cleanest, quickest, and smoothest powder ever to grace a pair of skis. Pour liberal amounts of it all over an ideal mountain with copious back-bowl terrain. Then add an outstanding ski patrol and award-winning instructors. Stir this mix with millions of enthusiastic skiers of all levels from all over the globe, and you've got a recipe for world-class success.

Ski Levels

The mountains provide plenty of trails for skiers at every level, from the brand-new beginner to the seasoned pro. The ski patrol is second to none providing a safe environment. The instructors are the best around and are there to improve both the beginner and expert skier. In addition, the Beaver Creek Ski and Snowboard School has won the international "Battle of the Ski Schools" the last three years in a row. Kids will enjoy ski biking, the giant tubing area, mini snowmobiles, and the bungee trampoline.

On the mountain, with the added wind chill factor, can lower temperatures by another 20 to 60 degrees. Light layers beneath a breathable waterproof shell or powder jacket are standard equipment essentials. Face masks, neck and ankle gators add a lot of comfort as well. Vail's back bowls are not for beginners, and intermediate skiers should give themselves an honest inspection of their more recent abilities before launching off. It may be worthwhile to gain the experienced services, advice and guidance of a ski instructor for half a day if you're going to attempt the back bowls for the first time. The rest of the mountain is safe for most everyone, so long as they heed the trail ability designations.

Après Ski

Vail has come a long way since George Townsend first came to the Beaver Creek Valley in 1881. Even back then, he was able to recognize that area had a certain special something, though no one at that time could possibly have imagined the potentials the area would eventually realize. The area offers over 100 dining options, and we're not talking chain restaurants. Experience shopping with the stars at over 100 stores and art galleries. And after you spend days on the mountain, you'll want to sign up for one of the many spas to enjoy a day of pampering and relaxation. Everyone should spends at least one winter vacation in the area, because it truly has something for everyone.