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Terrain Parks - Loveland

Rider's Guide

Opening ahead of most other resorts with a foot and a half of man-made base and the natural light, sweet, slick champaign powder. Until you’ve landed in this kind of powder, you haven't really skied. This isn't some little sideshow spot—it has long been a local secret. There are no resort accommodations right on the mountain, so it didn't gain notoriety the way that places like Vail, Breckenridge, or Aspen did. Instead it's set aside for the more dedicated ski and snowboard enthusiasts. The lift lines are shorter and it's just less crowded. The mountain is big, with two separate areas, and the lift tickets are cheaper.

Parks and Pipes

If you're new to snowboarding, don't sweat it. The school's instructors are some of the best anywhere, and their ski patrol is top-notch as well. More experienced boarders will get good tips from these pros. You'll find custom-built slider boxes: Santa Cruz and Session sponsored a C-box, Burton put up the bucks for a Hubba flat-to-down box. There are slider rails, a double-barrel, a rainbow rail, jumps and hips. They are hosting the Vert and there are several rail jams throughout the season. A ton of air, with landing zones full of powder, and endless supply of stoke. And at that altitude, most of the 400 inches of natural snow is silky smooth powder to ride. In addition, one of the many sweet things about the area is natural terrain. While it is well groomed, it's just a really huge mountain at 1,365 acres to ride and play on, so you'll find some of that back country and out of bounds action.

Out of Bounds

We're in the Rockies. If you can imagine it being done on or in snow, it's available and 15 minutes or less from your hotel room. On mountain, there are refueling stations for your bod. The grub is affordable, tasty, basic fare, and plenty of it, including basic sandwiches, soups, mexican, pizza, and BBQ.

Hangout and Hookup

Yep, you're going to have to take transportation to lodgings and après ski. There are three towns within 15 minutes (Dillon, Silverthorne, and Georgetown). Idaho Springs is farther off to the east, with Frisco and Breckenridge to the west and south. Hang with the crowd from A-basin or head on over to Dillon and Frisco. Check out the live music scene at Breckenridge or rub it up over at Vail. It's your call, from a low-key laid back vibe, to intense party mode.