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Terrain Parks - Beaver Creek

Rider’s Guide

Beaver Creek is one of the most popular winter resorts around; as the host to the annual Birds of Prey Men’s World Cup, it has a reputation to uphold, and it maintains that reputation, with a very capable staff of groomers who keep the slopes in pristine condition. The vertical rise of the mountain is 1,200 meters and an incredible number of trails, over 145 trails, give you so many options to explore on your next trip. Even if you try a different trail each time you might not get to see them all by the end of your ski vacation. Professional skiers say it is one of their favorite winter resorts and you’ll see why!

Parks and Pipes

There are four terrain parks in all and also a superpipe where you can pull off strong aerial moves after building up a lot of speed. The terrain parks include Park 101, the Zoom Room, Moonshine Terrain Park and the Lumber Yard. The Barrel Stave Superpipe along the way will help you get aerial and give you a good workout whatever style of snowboarding tricks you like to try.

Out of Bounds

There are a lot of great places to eat and to relax after hours in the area as well. The mountains are divided into three—Beaver Creek, Bachelor Gulch, and Arrowhead. You can have a great time in any of these towns, the biggest difference between the three areas lies in the kind of slopes that you will find there and the overall level of challenge you can expect. Bachelor Gulch gives you the easier time when you are on the slopes with the most relaxing paths that are gently curved and allow you the freedom to go at whatever speed you like. With Bachelor Gulch you can take your time and relax if you want to, or you can go full speed ahead and simply enjoy the easy graded surfaces of the Bachelor Gulch trails, while putting your full weight onto the board. The central parts of Beaver Creek offer you a range of challenge levels from beginner through intermediate and on to the beginnings of the expert level trails. This part of the winter resort is the most balanced and a good place to base your winter vacation around if you are enjoying the mountain in a group and want everyone to be able to meet up after they enjoy their respective trails at different challenge levels. Arrowhead gives you the most challenge with plenty of expert-level trails and several double black diamond rated paths that will offer a strong challenge even to experienced snowboarders. If you are looking to test your skill, Arrowhead is your best bet.