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Ski Experience - Copper Mountain

Located in the heart of Summit County, Colorado and a mere 75 miles west of Denver, Copper Mountain is one of the most comprehensive family ski resorts. Featuring many competitions and on-mountain events throughout the year, Copper Mountain has been designed from the ground-up to be an all-inclusive environment, a place where you can spend your entire vacation enjoying the fun and majesty of the mountain. It provides the perfect family atmosphere and even includes excursions to the backside of Tucker Mountain for free.

Ski Levels

Its base is at a bit over 9,700 feet and the ski summit at 12,313 feet (that's Union Bowl, Tucker is actually a little higher) and the mountain has the most modern lifts. There is just the right amount of emphasis on beginner and intermediate skiers, while leaving plenty of room for advanced and expert runs. There's over 282 inches of snow each year and they still stand prepared with snowmakers.

Après Ski

Some may think ski vacations to a family resort equates to a boring nightlife. Don't go betting any of your ski vacation money on that. There are many bars, taverns, and restaurants. And nearby Frisco offers both dining, nightlife, and family entertainment options, some including live music. Jump on the free bus, The Summit Stage, which serves the entire Summit County resort area.

Be sure to bring or buy light layers and a breathable, waterproof powder jacket or similar outside shell. A hat that covers your ears, goggles, ski gloves, neck gator—these are all standard minimums at such altitudes—and don't forget that it can be a lot colder near the top, between the altitude and wind chill. A bit of sunscreen on the nose and cheeks is also recommended at these heights as well.

Make friends and meet the locals while you're there, you might just be tempted to stay forever. This is the kind of resort where you can make family memories and impressions that will last a lifetime!