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Ski Experience - Mont Tremblant

Mont Tremblant attracts skiers the world over to its amazing 150 inches of northern powder in the heart of the Laurentians Region.

Ski Levels

Experts will head directly to Dynamite which is one of the steepest runs in Eastern Canada or try their skill and luck at Action, Reaction, Expo, Boiling Kettle, Devil's River, Emotion and Versant Soleil. Intermediates can get their Quebecois jollies on Johannsen, Duncan Haut, Geant and Coyote. Beginners should stick by the free moving carpets near the Bell for easy and safe courses.

The mountain features three separate Terrain Parks, which are all packed so full of ramps, rails, jibs, hips, and jumps that they are sure to keep any skill level challenged and entertained. The Advanced Zone is just that, a zone for advanced skiers only. This Terrain Park has some amazing features including battleship rail, rainbow rail, spine jumps, down rail, picnic tables, A frames, C rails, C boxes, flat down rail, fun box, double kinked rail, roller coaster box, flat rail, and if that's not enough you can go test your skills on the impeccably groomed 420 foot superpipe. The Intermediate Zone is also well named, and is a bit downsized version of the Advanced Zone, but just as much fun for any mid level skilled skiier. The beginners and children will have an absolutely fantastic time on the Progression Zone, with tons of features scaled down to their level and requirement for safe fun. The resort's ski school is legendary and offers courses for everyone and anyone.

Après Ski

Vieux Tremblant offers amazing fine dining to the highest Parisian standards at Plus Minus Cafe, which is rated as one of the best restaurants in Quebec. If you are looking to feed the family on a bit tighter budget, some excellent choices include Coco Pazzo Deli, La Chouquetterie, and the amazing all you can eat magnificent cuisine at La Savoie. You have to try Queues de Castor, which are the traditional Quebecois beaver tails made out of fried dough like a big flat churro. Cirque Blanc amusement centre has amazingly realistic interactive video games to perfect all your skills: mountain biking, alpine skiing, kayaking, and snowboarding. It's the ultimate under 21 video sports hangout and if you're there on an evening when Les Canadiens have won a hockey game, the entire place absolutely beyond wild!

Quebec's most universal gift to the world has to be the invention of the snowmobile, so the Quebecois absolutely love their Bombardier Ski-Doos that were created and are still produced in Quebec, not too far from MT. Riding a snowmobile in Quebec is like eating pizza in Naples or sushi in Tokyo—the place where it was born is always the place where it's best! As you can imagine there are plenty of snowmobile outfits which will be more than happy to let you experience Quebec Ski-Doo style: Quebec Snowmobile Tours, Passeport Aventure, Randonneige Quebec, LMS, or Maximage Aventure. Mont Tremblant also has its fully equipped dog sled tours of the area or you can go off site to the backcountry with Les Skis Doux, Expedition Wolf, Matawin Aventure, Evasion Nature, or Aventures Blanches. If you're really serious about getting way in the backcountry, then you can enjoy the amazing wintertime Laurentian scenery from high above the mountains and reach those untouched slopes packed with virgin snow with Heli Tremblant or Heli Star. They'll both fly you in modern, comfortable helicopters absolutely anywhere you want to go.