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Free & Almost Free Things to Do - Banff

Special Events

During SnowDays in January, free outdoor events take place in Banff’s skating rink, within the square, or in central park. Events are open to the public and include features like an ice playground, Ride and Slide, and a 40-ft ice climbing wall. 


Go on a guided snowshoe tour – an activity that the entire family can enjoy, or explore the deep caves within the Canadian Rockies for free with a parks guide and enjoy the many glaciers, waterfalls and other natural wonders, along with the area’s history and legends. Geocaching rounds are available during SnowDays. It’s a fun game of high-tech hide and seek that helps people discover Banff National Park interactively. Check the Banff Visitor Information Center for details about free and affordable activities in the Banff National Forest area. 

Arts & Recreation

The Banff Centre of Art hosts many cultural events and shows that are suitable for general audiences. It also houses a recreation center with a climbing wall and swimming pools.