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Ski Experience - Revelstoke

The big appeal of Revelstoke is adventure. Snowcat skiing and heli-skiing mean that guests will be taken to places that lifts can't reach and have the opportunity to ski down untouched snow and untamed terrain. Thousands of people flock to Revelstoke each year in order to experience some of the very best backcountry skiing in North America. And even those who stay on the marked trails can be challenged by the longest vertical drop on the continent. The longest run clocks in at a whopping 9.5 miles and is sure to provide a challenge to any skier.

Ski Levels

For kids and beginners there are world-class ski lessons and backcountry programs. These help get kids familiar with the area, winter, and snow safety and ski patrol. It should be noted that unlike many resorts that are designed specifically to attract families with children, many of the people who visit Revelstoke are intermediate, and advanced skiers on vacation specifically in order to get in some serious backwoods and wild country skiing. There are beginner areas, it should be noted however, that the vast majority of Revelstoke is designed for more advanced skiers.

Some of the other fun wintertime activities available at Revelstoke include dog sledding and paragliding. There are classes to take in order to prepare for snowcat or heli-skiing. Conditions can't be guaranteed on the mountain and Revelstoke boasts many areas that are unmarked, so guests need to understand how to handle themselves in potentially dangerous areas. It's of paramount important to learn how to pick a line through the trees in order to make it as safe as possible and fun. The type of experience guests have at Revelstoke is one of the more special ski vacation experiences. Revelstoke is absolutely a top British Columbian ski destination for those are who are serious about their slopes.

Après Ski

The area is a quaint and beautifully mountainous area that serves the plethora of skiers who visit the area each year. There's a variety of restaurants and shops where visitors can choose between international cuisine or fast food, necessities or designer items and souvenirs. The region also boasts its fair share of lounges, pubs, cafés and restaurants are available when guests are not too busy enjoying the snow and the adventure.

Entertainment and après ski in the area is just as much fun as the skiing at Revelstoke, with a variety of pubs and taverns to choose from as well as live entertainment in town. Visitors to the area will have a full variety to choose from, everything from romantic restaurants and casual eateries to raucous bars and relaxing, rustic lodges are available.