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Wintergreen Ski Resort is a top ski destination for families in Virginia that offers a vertical drop of over 1,000 feet. This Blue Ridge Mountains' resort is a beautiful mountain with great terrain for snowboarders and skiers.

East Coast Resort

The area receives a relatively small amount of snow fall certain seasons, but Wintergreen has 100 percent snowmaking over the skiable areas, so if the natural snow doesn't fall, there's still plenty of powder. The resort is a leader in snowmaking with over 300 snow tower fans operated by computer, so that the temperature and humidity are immediately logged and snow will be made accordingly.

The resort doesn't boast a large number of trails, and for truly expert skiers, the trails might feel lacking, but a few are challenging enough to keep even the most experienced skier happy. A huge beginner area (with its own snowmaking guns) is there so that even new skiers and kids can learn in a pressure free atmosphere. You'll be sure to have a good time for a weekend trip or longer ski vacation

Wintergreen Ski Resort has plenty of opportunities for boarders in the terrain park, and they also have one of the biggest tubing parks in the area so that everyone regardless of skill can enjoy the snow.

Off the Slopes

For an already reasonably price ski resort, there are usually a large number of ski coupons available to help you get discounts on everything from ski & stay to lift tickets, and even discounts for things like dining, shopping, and enjoying local attractions. 

There are almost 300 condominiums and rentals homes in the area near the Wintergreen Ski Resort, so this is an excellent and easy way to find great lodging while you're enjoying the Virginia slopes. These range from budget-conscious rental homes that go very quickly, so be sure to make reservations, to elegant condominiums and upscale rental homes large enough for big families, or for small families to feel like they have lots of room to stretch out and breathe. There are also ski cottages, and the standard motel and hotel offerings in the area.

Getting Here

Getting to Wintergreen is easy no matter which direction you're coming from, though it's not directly off an Interstate and requires a slightly different route depending on the direction. Wintergreen is on Route 664, four-and-a-half miles back from the exit of Route 151 South, no matter which direction you're coming from.

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Photo Courtesy of The Ski Barn