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The only thing that could be more beautiful than one well-groomed mountain for skiing and snowboarding is two well-groomed mountains for skiing and snowboarding. This is exactly what Attitash has to offer, providing thousands of snow-lovers with the carving, shredding, and riding that they crave each and every year. Located in the heart of the Mount Washington Valley area, this two-mountain behemoth is perfect for anyone looking to get in a good run this winter.

Eastern Charm on Two Mountains

Attitash has 100 different ski trails and 60 snowboarding trails. You can expect a complete variety of runs, from gentle to steep and from narrow to wide. With a longest run of nearly two miles, this mountain features slopes for all ranges of experience. The majority of the slopes are for beginner and intermediate skiers, with a solid amount of slopes for more advanced skiers. With over 270 acres of skiable land, Attitash is a truly one of the best places for you to ski in New Hampshire. This resort also shares a lift ticket with Wildcat, just down the road, giving you an extra incentive to visit the area. Read on with Ski Experience and Snowboarding Zone.

Off the Slopes

The entire Mount Washington Valley area has a wealth of non-skiing opportunities, providing individuals and families with a full-entertainment package. You can easily find places to climb, skate, and tube.

Lodging is easy to find and located right on the mountain, thanks to the Attitash Grand Summit Hotel and the Attitash Mountain Village Resort. As far as food is concerned, Ptarmigans is the best food in the area. Located above the Base Lodge, this pub-style area features plenty of warm foods and drinks to heat you up after a long day on the slopes. Other places perfect for après-ski and food are Crawford’s Pub and Grill and the Lions Den, both located right at the base of the mountains.

Getting Here

The only way to utilize the different ski coupons and discounts that we provide you with is to actually get to Attitash. Attitash is located around North Conway, a 90-mintue drive from the nearest airport (in Portland, Maine). Manchester airport features services from major airlines and is about two hours away. If you feel like driving, you can take I-95 and I-93 to get to the mountain, a full 150 miles north of Boston.

Vacation Coupons

We provide you with the discount ski coupons that you need to make your entire trip more affordable. With discounts on packages, lifts, dining, lodging, and more, you can do practically anything at Attitash on a limited budget. View the category or activity's listed for free printable ski vacation deals and coupons. There is plenty that Attitash has to offer to skiers and snowboarders of all ages and all training. Come see why Attitash is truly one of the best ski resorts in New Hampshire!

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Photo Courtesy of Laura Tuveson, Attitash Mountain