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Ski Experience - Mt. Baldy

Catch it just after a storm and you'll be skiing down virgin powder, careening down slopes well over a mile high while looking out on views of Catalina Island, some twenty-five miles offshore. Ten thousand-foot Mount Baldy has the steepest, most challenging slopes in all of So-Cal.

Ski Levels

Nobody's going to tell you that Mt. Baldy is the very best snow in the state. Skiing Mt. Baldy isn't about it being the very best. It's all about that unique experience. If you've never been to a place where you can go from a morning of surfing to an afternoon of downhill ski thrills, that's reason enough to go. You owe it to yourself to have that experience. We're not talking about a little patch of flakes at the top of the mountain, Mt. Baldy is covered in snow most of the winter season.

While afternoons do warm up to warm temperatures, experienced skiers know to dress for a blizzard, donning light layers of clothing they can shed as the day wears on. You'll want waterproof and sunscreen. Sun-drenched slopes can get warm enough to melt, so you may find patches that are slushy on top, as you come around from shade to sun. But it's still more than worth it for the thrill of careening down a mountain that's nearly two miles high just an hour from the beaches.

Après Ski

Enjoy the Mount Baldy Lodge offering a full menu of burgers, sandwiches, and more like steaks and cinnamon rolls. They enen offer live music throughout the year during the evenings.