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Ski Experience Near Salt Lake City

There is no major U.S. city surrounded by more resorts than the winter paradise that is Salt Lake City. From the downtown core of this enchanting and busy metropolis, you're just a short drive from Brighton Resort, Snowbird Ski Resort, Deer Valley Resort, Alta Ski Area, Solitude Mountain Resort, Canyons Resort, Park City Resort, Snowbasin Resort, and Sundance! Skiers have about a dozen terrain parks and several hundred spectacular natural terrain runs to choose from just a few miles from each other.

Off the Slopes

Get some eyeball-flattening horsepower off those tracks and onto that endless powder dry Utah fluff, with Snowmobile Adventures at Thousand Peaks or Homestead Snowmobiling. You can rent a variety of sleds from jaw-dropping race models all the way to milder snowmobiles suitable for a full day of family fun in the snow covered hills of the backcountry. If you would prefer a guided tour of some of the most hidden away and fascinating parts of the Salt Lake City backcountry, Intermountain Guide Service can get you way out into areas where few people have ever ventured on your choice of horseback or snowmobile. The whole family will be astonished at the infinite views of Utah's natural splendour as seen from a Morning Star Hot Air Balloon. The best and most amazing adventure is left for last, as if you want to completely blow the kids' minds, you have to take them snorkeling or scuba diving in an all-weather inland ocean packed with tropical fish where you will think you're underwater in Hawaii! Bonneville Seabase and Neptune Divers is the one completely mandatory indoor stop in your Salt Lake City wintertime adventure

Salt Lake City offers the finest restaurant dining this side of Las Vegas, with literally over a thousand fantastic dining establishments that are memorable, unique and family-friendly! It's a beautiful city and we highly recommend a visit this ski season. You'll get the best of both city life and mountain living.