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Ski Experience - Powder Mountain

To say that Powder Mountain is a skier’s paradise is to make a gross understatement.

Ski Levels

This is an absolute haven for expert skiers who can choose from some of the most challenging runs in the American West, including Quicksliver, Snowchaser, Tombstone, Medicine Man, Quickshot, Geronimo, Eureka, and Rendezvous. Intermediates will never tire of the amazing natural features to be found off the Hidden Lake high speed quad and the Timberline Lift. Beginners have their own novice-friendly face to learn skills on at the immaculately groomed and maintained Hidden Lake.

The mountain also has an intermediate to expert level Terrain Park with spines, table tops, hits, rails, a great quarterpipe and a 400 foot halfpipe. Beginner level skiers and kids will find another terrain park suited for them, the Drifter Run is a great place to practice basic skiing skills with a large selection of smaller and milder features. There are also a host of great ski lessons available for all ages and experience levels.

Après Ski

There are plenty of dining options right on the slopes. Powder Mountain Restaurant at the Resort Center is the largest restaurant on the mountain and features extremely filling and reasonably priced classic cafeteria fare. For some really great burgers and chicken sandwiches go downstairs to the Powder Keg. Check out the Hidden Lake Lodge at the top of the Hidden Lake lift for mouth-watering burgers and jaw-dropping views.

As for additional activities in the area, Bonneville Seabase and Neptune Divers has an all-weather inland ocean, where in the midst of the Utah winter guests can transport themselves to a place more reminiscent of the Great Barrier Reef than this snowy, mountainous paradise.

The resort and surrounding area offers great amenities, fantastic skiing, and top-notch lodging and dining, there is something for everyone at Powder Mountain Resort in Eden, Utah.