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What's better than saving a little extra cash when you go to your favorite (or maybe new) ski destination! At Wachusett Mountain, booking a lesson with the ski school is attainable and even more so when you use this exclusive deal. While the slopes can look intimidating, they can be easily navigated once you've upped your skills and start feeling more confident on your skis or snowboard. Everything takes practice in order to get better at it, and skiing is no different. Kids and adults can both gain the necessary skills they'll need to come face-to-face with the faster and zippier runs, but it's all in due time. A lesson (or two) will provide you with basic knowledge to tackle the most common ski hurdles. But if you're more advanced it can be beneficial as well and serve as an incredible refresher course to help improve your balance, and overall technique. You can show off your new moves and race your friends down the snowy slopes. Book a lesson, save some money and enjoy your time at this fantastic ski area today!
Wachusett Mountain



499 Mountain Road
Princeton, MA 01541

Expires: 05/01/2019

• Lessons (Day 1 up to LEVEL 2; DAY 2-3 up to LEVEL 5 if ready)
• Rental Equipment
• Minuteman and Monadnock Lifts (day 2 & 3)

Wachusett's Ski and Snowboard School offers fantastic beginner and learn to ski or snowboard packages. We have skilled instructors and an experience staff that will set you on your way to a lifetime of skiing or riding winter fun! Choose
*Over a $500 Value if purchased separately.  Please view our website for full details.

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